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What are they saying ABOUT KABBALAH?

Awaken The Next Version Of You


Kabbalah is the formula
to reprogram your DNA

João da Silva

Getting to know

Eric Thompson

Eric Thompson is an international teacher having brought powerful transformational teachings to 1000’s of people in Brazil, Canada, the United States, and Israel. As a Kabbalah instructor, he helps you to unlock keys to knowing yourself so that you can finally eliminate what is blocking you from your desires and becoming your true self.
One of his best strengths is in making esoteric teachings very practical and applicable in the physical world. Helping you to get results is his top priority.
It was designed for the Western mind, helping us to go further, balancing the spiritual and our genetic cultural aspects. It encourages being in the world and provides working tools within that environment to anchor and express your true self more fully in the world.

We work with Kabbalah in a way that reaches all sides of life, and engulfs everyone from any spiritual path, it becomes a new pattern of perceiving the world that helps us see the deeper meaning of our experiences in life.

The courses offered by Universal Kabbalah are open to those who feel called to participate in this journey and are committed to their personal growth. What we offer is unique in Kabbalah formation compared to other courses available to the public, please follow:

The Ascension Program we offer is an Experiential Journey of Life, not just an intellectual study of Kabbalah.
Participants receive knowledge through direct experience of how we are on the Tree of Life and that we are the creators of our reality.
Through the ascension of the Tree of Life you really begin to create vibrational changes in the composition of your own DNA, awakening more of who you really are and re-creating your own patterns.

Direct Experience of the Celestial Kingdom:
On an incredible weekend at the end of the Ascension Program, we have crossed the abyss, filling the perceived gap of separation between us and God / Goddess so that we can heal and reconnect with the Oneness of All. In doing so, we come into direct contact with the Celestial Kingdom and become enlightened by the Light of the One Mind.

Mastering Manifestation and Creation:
We work with energies in a practical way through the various planes of creation and the vibrational energy known in Kabbalah as the Four Worlds.

The practical tools and techniques we share teach you and enable you to become a co-creator of your life, learning to work directly with the Spirit and to manifest your gifts and talents more fully.

The practical application of the Four Worlds remains a part of the hidden oral tradition and you will not find it in the books or any other Kabbalah training that we are aware of.

The authority and experience of more than 3,000 years of direct and never broken lineage:
This lineage and formation transmitted through tradition provide us with the keys to open the doors of soul and accelerated creation through the practical application of spiritual alchemy.

Our initiatory lineage goes all the way back to King Solomon and beyond, and includes some of the most talented Kabbalists in human history.

This lineage and knowledge has been handed down to us through the direct teachings and initiations of the Kabbalist, Ipsissimus, and Master Professor, Dr. Gudni Gudnason of the Modern Mystery School.

Walking the Balance Path :
We strive to live up to the dynamic balance of the “Middle Pillar”.

To do so, explore and learn to direct the energies in all three pillars of the Tree of Life (Pillar of Philosophy of Mind, Pillar of Faith and Spirituality, and the Pillar of Conscious Will) so that we can integrate and weave together all aspects of life.

The path of balance is one in which science and spirituality unite, where it is as important to be physical and human as it is to be spiritual. It is a way of seeking true knowledge, understanding and wisdom, not a path of blind faith, ignorance, or purely rationalistic / reductionist thinking.

In order to walk the path of balance, one must “do what one says”, therefore, the personification of the teachings and the true divine nature becomes a way of life that fills us and is abundant and joyful.

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